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Planning Board (Town)


The duties of the Town Planning Board are to review site plans, special use permits and housing developments for compliance with environmental regulations, conformance with the Town's comprehensive plan and to safeguard the future growth of our community through a balance between commercial, industrial and residential uses.


For a list of members, see the Planning Board membership page.


All Planning Board Meetings are held at the Senior Citizens' Center on Market Street in the Village of Saugerties on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. All Working Sessions are held at the Town Building Inspector's Office at 4 High Street in the Town of Saugerties.

All submissions of subdivision applications, site plans and special use permit applications shall be made to the Saugerties Town Planning Board Office at 4 High Street in the Town of Saugerties, (845) 246-2800 ext. 358.

Working Session appointments will be scheduled through the Town Building Inspector's Office for all submissions except lot line revisions.

All subdivisions are considered non-residential projects.


Planning Board meeting minutes are available here.


For the Planning Board schedule for 2017, click here or see the link at the bottom of this page.

To get on the Agenda for a Planning Board meeting, applicants must make that request though Juanita Wilsey - 845-246-2800 x358.


Forms relevant to the Town of Saugerties Planning board (for example, Land Subdivision Regulations, Site Plan Application, Subdivision Application, Subdivision Regulations, Long and Short Environmental Assessment Forms (SEQR), Design GuidelinesManual Attachment A: Best Practices, and Design Guidelines Manual Attachment B: Zoning Law Standards) are available on the "Applications, Forms and Schedules" Page  under the "Planning Board" heading.



Planning Board fees are included in the Site Plan/Special Use Permit and Subdivision application.

All Planning Board Fees are collected by the Planning Board Secretary.

Submission Checklist

Required Submissions:

  1. Application for Planning Board Action.
  2. Short Environmental Assessment Form*.
  3. Affidavit of Ownership
  4. Application Fee (includes Public Hearing Notice publication fee for newspaper).
  5. Initial Sketch Plat drawn in accordance with Article III of the Town's Land Subdivision Regulations. (10 Copies). [At later stages of the approval process, Preliminary and Final Plats will also be required to be submitted.]
  6. Copy of Tax Map
  7. Letter of Authorization if Applicant is not the property owner.
  8. Written list of property owners to be notified pursuant to Section 333 of the Town Land Subdivision Regulations.




  • Other requirements could include (and are not limited to) Ulster County Planning Board Referral, Conservation Advisory Board Review, Town Water and Sewer Review, Fire Department Review, Curbcut Approval, Health Department Approval, the establishment of an Escrow Account, etc.
  • If approved, four (4) signed copies of the signed final plat will need to be retained by the Planning Board. This does not include the mylar and one copy of the signed final plat that must be filed with the Ulster County Clerk or any additional copies for the applicant

Public Hearing Requirements

The Applicant must send written notice of the Public Hearing and an explanation of the proposal:
  • To Whom: All abutting property owners including those directly across any and all streets adjoining the proposed sub division or lot line revision.
  • Where To: The owners' last known address as shown on the most recent Town tax assessment rolls.
  • When: Within five (5) days of the Public Hearing.
  • How: By certified mail, return receipt requested.
  • Why: In order to prove that proper notification was made, all return receipts must be submitted to the Planning Board along with the applicant's written list of all property owners required by law to be notified of the Public Hearing.


Juanita Wilsey ()
Phone: 845-246-2800 extension 358
Fees are still in effect, until an update is made to the July 2012 schedule.
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