***Offices/Officials (Town)***

LeeAnne Thornton

Leeanne Thornton


Leeanne Thornton has been a Saugerties resident since 1974 and has taught Middle School Social Studies at Taconic Hills Middle School in Craryville for over forty years. Leeanne was first elected to the board in 2003 and has been a strong proponent of promoting economic development while steadfastly preserving our cultural, historic and environment heritage.


Beyond her Town Board responsibilities, Leeanne's involvment in Saugerties matters includes:

  • Acting President of the Esopus Creek Conservancy and chair of the education committee
  • Past president and director of the League of Women Voters
  • Former president and secretary of the Girls Community Club

Leeanne is the Town of Saugerties Deputy Supervisor and is currently serving her 3rd term as a Town Board member.

Leeanne's responsibilities/positions include being liaison to:


  • The Comprehensive Planning committee.
  • The Conservation Advisory Committee.
  • The Lighthouse TV23 (Saugeties' Public Access TV station) committee.
  • The Bristol Beach Finance and Outreach Advisory Committee.
  • Saugerties senior education committee (Lifespring).
  • Saugerties Transportation Advisory Council (STAC).
  • The Saugerties Public Library Board.
  • The Biodiversity Assessment team.
  • The Town Historian.
  • The Saugerties Historical Society
  • HUD.


Leeanne oversaw the the mapping of the biodiversity of the northern perimeters of the town. She has helped pass Town laws that have helped to lessen the tax burden on senior residents and veterans.


In January 2018, Leeanne was named as the Town of Saugerties Deputy Supervisor.