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Conserve Water

Water/Sewer Department


Office location: 234 Lower Hudson Street, Glasco, NY (next to park)

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 177, Glasco, New York 12432

Phone: 845-246-8671

Fax: 845-246-3150


For your convenience, an answering machine is available after hours so that you may leave a message.

Normal business hours: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (except weekends and holidays).


For Water Conservation Tips, Fun/Interesting Water Facts and for the form for requesting a Closing Meter Reading, please look under "Documents" below.


The Water and Sewer Departments serve approximately 4,250 people through 1,595 service connections in the Town of Saugerties.  The water and sewer districts are:

Sewer Districts:

  • Barclay Heights
  • Glasco
  • Malden (3)
  • Kings Highway


Barclay Heights Sewer Rates (2013):

  • Minimum $60.00/11,695 gallons
  • More than 11,695 gallons - $5.13/1,000 gallons
  • Note: Based on water usage


Glasco Sewer Rates (2013):

  • Minimum $60.00/12,146 gallons
  • More than 12,146 gallons, $4.94/1,000 gallons
  • Note: based on water usage


Malden Sewer Rates (2013): Sewer usage fees are based on unit charges and are put directly on the property taxes.


Kings Highway Sewer Rates (2013):

  • Minimum $60.00/10,000 gallons
  • More than 10,000 gallons, $6.00/1,000 gallons
  • Note: based on water usage


Miscellaneous Fees:

  • Sewer connection permit fee: $25.00
  • Inspection permit fee: $50.00 
  • Sewer tap fee: $200.00


Water Districts


Malden and Kings Highway

 Water Rates (2013)

 Water Rates (2013)

Rate Minimum usage/bill  Rate Minimum usage/bill 
$6.25/1,000 gallons $62.50/10,000 gallons $5.75/1,000 gallons $57.50/10,000 gallons

Miscellaneous Fees

Water connection permits Permit fee: $25.00
Inspection fee $50.00
Water tap fee $200.00



Water meters are read twice (2 times) per year, in December and June.  Water bills are mailed out in February and July.  These bills are payable to the Tax Collector at 4 High Street, Saugerties, New York 12477

Note: All water and sewer installations must be made by a contractor that was pre-approved by the Town of Saugerties.

Please call 845-246-8671 for an "Approved Contractor List" or if you're a contractor and you're looking for information on how to get on the approved list.

Mark Resso ()
Phone: 845-246-8671
Office Manager
Town of Saugerties Water/Sewer Deparment
Michele Haines
234 Hudson Street
Glasco, NY 12432
Phone: 845-246-8671
Michele Haines
Plant Operations Manager
Town of Saugerties Water/Sewer Department
Andy McBride
234 Hudson Street
Glasco, NY 12432
Phone: 845-246-8671
Water Conservation Tips (PDF - 91.0 KB)
This form is for the final reading of the water meter, during the transition from a home seller to the home's buyer.