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Fred Costello

Fred Costello

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Fred is a life-long resident of Saugerties and a graduate of Saugerties High School. He studied business administration at Ulster County Community College and economics and international relations at SUNY New Paltz. In 1992, he participated in a study mission to Israel where he observed national elections, studied Arab- Israeli relations & regional history and economics.


Fred manages two family businesses--Sue's Restaurant and Costello Court Apartments. Highly regarded for his tremendous work ethic and nonpartisan approach to town government, Fred was appointed by Supervisor Helsmoortel in 2004 to serve as the town's Deputy Supervisor, a position he continues to hold today.


In November 2017, Fred was elected Supervisor of the Town of Saugerties and he took office on January 1, 2018.
Fred is currently serving his 1st term as Town of Saugerties Supervisor.

New York Town Supervisors are elected officials who act as leaders of the town's legislative branch.  Working with board members, working with citizens, performing financial duties and administering the decisions of the board are the primary duties of a town supervisor. 


According to the Department of State Handbook for the State of New York, the town supervisor position has been in effect since the late 17th century.  Originally a position entirely concerned with town finances and maintaining the town financial records, as time passed the position gained more duties as well as more provisions to keep the town supervisor's power directly connected to the concerns of the town board.  The town board is composed of four citizens who are elected by the town's residents.