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Fred Costello


2 year

Saugerties Supervisor Fred Costello welcomes you to the Town Supervisor's office.

The Saugerties Town Board consists of four board members and the Town Supervisor. 
Terri Wood is the Town Supervisor's confidential secretary.

Our meetings are generally held twice a month on Wednesday and only once a month during June, July and August and December at the Frank D. Greco Senior Center on Market Street. These meetings give the general public a chance to meet with the board to discuss Town issues.  The dates and times of these meetings are posted on the Online Calendar. and typically the day of any given meeting, the agenda is posted at or near the top of the Town Web Site home page.

Please check the "Calendar" for meeting schedules.

We conduct a pre-board meeting at 6:30 p.m. with a more formal Town Board meeting at 7:00 p.m.

If you would like to be placed on the agenda, you may make that request by giving our office a call.


Typically, the day of any given Town Board meeting, the agenda is posted at or near the top of the Town Web Site home page.  For other questions about the agenda or other Town matters, you can reach the Supervisor or his confidential secretary, Terri Wood, by calling 845- 246-2800 ext 345 ... or you can look up contacts for specific departmental matters by visiting our Contacts page.


The Town Supervisor's office is always willing to meet with the people of Saugerties.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss various topics.  Come visit our Town Hall (renovated in 2009) and tour our Town Hall buildings, which we are very proud of.  We are located at 4 High Street and people who come to visit us are now afforded the opportunity to visit all our departmental offices under one roof.

We look forward to your visit.


New York Town Supervisors are elected officials who act as leaders of the town's legislative branch.  Working with board members, working with citizens, performing financial duties and administering the decisions of the board are the primary duties of a town supervisor. 


According to the Department of State Handbook for the State of New York, the town supervisor position has been in effect since the late 17th century.  Originally a position entirely concerned with town finances and maintaining the town financial records, as time passed the position gained more duties as well as more provisions to keep the town supervisor's power directly connected to the concerns of the town board.  The town board is composed of four citizens who are elected by the town's residents.

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