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Animal Control

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A shelter for dogs and cats is located at the Transfer Station on Route 212 in Saugerties.  All dogs redeemed or adopted from the shelter must be vaccinated for rabies and licensed.  All dogs and cats adopted from town facilities must be spayed or neutered as required by N.Y. State Dept. of Agriculture and Markets.


Licensing Fees for dogs: Unspayed or Unneutered Dogs are $10.50, $3.00 of which will be sent to the NY State Department of Agriculture and Markets toward the spay/neuter program.  Spayed or Neutered Dogs are $3.50.

Proof that rabies vaccinations are up-to-date is necessary to procure a license. A dog of 4 months age or older must be licensed.  For more information on licensing, please contact your town clerk.

Nancy Gage
Phone: 845-679-0339
Elly Monfett
Phone: 845-679-0339
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