Town of Saugerties Tax Collections and Payments

Town of Saugerties Tax Collections and Payments

In the Town of Saugerties, the General Tax is a Town Tax and a County Tax.  The Saugerties Tax Receiver is responsible for the billing and collection of current taxes for the Town of Saugerties and Ulster County.  Tax bills are mailed during the first week of January.  The tax bill covers the period of January 1st - December 31st of the same calendar year. 


General (Town and County) taxes are due January 31st of each year penalty free.  Full payments must be in the Tax Department on the last day of the month in January, or post-marked on that day at the Post Office. All mailed-in payments must have a valid U.S. Postmark on or before the due date.  If a due date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, payments will be accepted on the following Monday. 


Please pay careful attention to your tax bill.  Due dates and penalties owed are time sensitive/dependent and sending the correct/exact amount will avoid multiple mailings and possible further penalties.


Payment Due Date Options - Single Payment - 1 Payment  

  • On or before the last day in January, no interest
  • On or before the last day in February, 1% interest
  • On or before the last day in March, 2% interest
  • On or before the last day in April, 3% interest
  • After April 30th, 4% interest.  At this point, there is also a tax reminder notice fee of $2.00.  


All checks are to be made payable to "Receiver of Taxes" for the EXACT AMOUNT that appears on the bill, plus interest or penalty, if applicable. All payments should be mailed or brought to the following address:   


Receiver of Taxes 

Town of Saugerties   

4 High Street   

Saugerties, NY 12477 


Payment Due Date Options - Installment Payments - 2 Payments  

  • 1st payment on or before January 31st, no interest
  • 2nd payment accepted February 1st – June 1st + 1% per month
  • After June 1st, call Ulster County Department of Finance at 845-340-3431 for the correct payment information.  All payments must be made (postmarked) to Ulster County Department of Finance.   If there are any questions regarding your delinquent taxes or general tax, please again contact the Ulster County Department of Finance at 845-340-3431.


Receipts will be mailed to the Homeowner for mailed-in payments.   Walk-in payment receipts will be issued at the time of payment to the person delivering payment.


If uncertain as to prior taxes, please call Ulster County Department of Finance at 845-340-3431.


You may be eligible for an exemption(s). March 1 is the deadline to apply for all exemptions for the following years’ taxes. For information, please call or write the Town of Saugerties Assessor Office at 845-246-2800 x335.


Third Party Notification: If you are either 65 years of age or older or disabled and you own and occupy a residence, you may designate a consenting adult third party to receive duplicate copies of your tax bills and notices of unpaid taxes until further notice. Applications may be obtained in the Receiver of Taxes office or by mail (address above).


Questions about Water/Sewer: If you have non-payment questions about water or sewer (e.g. suspected water leak due to high water bill), please contact Michele at the Glasco Water Plant, at 845-246-8671.