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Lifespring: Saugerties Adult Learning Community

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Lifespring: Saugerties Adult Learning Community, a town-sponsored lifetime learning program, is open to retired, semi-retired and other adults.  It offers learners the opportunity to take up to three daytime classes on Wednesdays during each six-week fall and spring semester.  Courses are offered in a variety of subjects: health, history and current events, literature, the arts, biology and the social and physical sciences.  Additionally, there are winter programs and special events.  There are no grades or tests, no performance pressure.


During each six-week semester, participants are able to stimulate their minds, challenge themselves in new areas, and meet like-minded people.  While exploring interests and learning skills, members may also enjoy interacting with the friendly learning community created among the students. 


Registration for each year begins in July, with the academic year running August 1 through July 31.  Fall semester runs six weeks, usually from mid- or late-September through October, while the six-week spring semester runs from mid- or late-April through May.  See the current catalog, available on the Lifespring website, for registration deadlines and an updated program calendar.  Note especially the section on Membership: Frequently Asked Questions. Lifespring makes every effort to take in as many members as space and resources will permit.


Classes are held at the Woodstock Jewish Congregation (WJC) on the Glasco Turnpike just north of its intersection with Route 212.  Plenty of parking is available and classrooms are accessible to people with disabilities.


For a complete course catalog and more information: go to the Internet website  Information and a limited number of print catalogs are also available by contacting 845-246-2800 ext. 452 or emailing


Visit the Senior Education Committee page for information about the members of the board and their positions.