Contact Us (Town)

Contact us (Town)

The Town offices are located at 4 High Street.  The mailing address is 4 High Street, Saugerties, NY  12477.


For a Google map of the area near Town Hall, click HERE.


Phone number: 845-246-2800.  Some of the main extensions or alternate contact numbers are as follows.  For additional contact phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers and other contact info can be found under individual entries.  (See "Offices/Officials (Town)"):


Town Clerk (Lisa Stanley)
845-246-2800 x343 
Town Supervisor (Greg Helsmoortel) 845-246-2800 x345 
Town Supervisor confidential secretary Terri Wood 

 845-246-2800 x345  
Town Board Members (in addition to the Supervisor)
 - Fred Costello, Jr. (Deputy Supervisor) 914-466-4080 
 - Leeanne Thornton 845-246-5652  
 - James Bruno
 - Bill Schirmer
Alphabetical list of other Town personnel and key numbers
Accountant (Gary Newkirk)
Accounting (Julie Dunn) 845-246-2800 x348 

Ambulance (Diaz Memoral) - Emergency

   Diaz Office (1 Main Street, Saugerties)



Please call. 
Animal Control
Assessor (Frank Orlando) 845-246-2800 x 335 
Billing (Julie Dunn)
 845-246-2800 x348  
Building Inspector (Alvah (Alvy) Weeks)
845-246-2800 x332 
Cantine Field - Parks and Building Superintendant Greg Chorvas
  845-246-5890 x309 
Clerk (Lisa Stanley)  845-246-2800 x343 
Court - Honorable Daniel N. Lamb Jr.
 845-246-2800 x325
Please call. 
Court Clerk - Rosemary Bach 

  845-246-2800 x325

Please call. 
Court - Honorable Claudia Andreassen
 845-246-2800 x325  
Dump (Transfer Station)


Animan shelter number is 679-0339

Please call. 
Emergencies  911 Please call. 

Fire Department - Emergencies

Fire Houses:












Please call. 
Frank D. Greco Memorial Recreation Center (Sr. Citizens Center)
 845-246-9987 Call Town Clerk - 845-246-2800 x343 - for reservations/info 
Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests
 845-246-2800 x343 
Highway Superintendent (Doug Myer)
 845-246-2400, cell 845-443-1588
Historian - Town (Audrey Klinkenberg)
Historic Preservation Commission Chairperson (Barry Benepe)
HUD Office (Alice Mumper)
 845-246-2800 x319
Ice Arena (Kiwanis Ice Arena - Rob Kleeman, Director)  845-247-2590 x301

Lifespring Saugerties
 845-246-2800 x452

Lighthouse TV23 Program Coordinator (Anastasia Redman)

TV23 on Facebook

 845-246-2800 341
Little League
Please use web site or call.
Municipal Code Aide (Claudette Zinkow)
 845-246-2800 x331
Parks and Buildings Superintendent (Greg Chorvas)  845-246-5890 x309
Planning Board (Juanita Wilsey, Secretary) 845-246-2800 x358

Police Department

Police - Emergency

Police - Direct



845-246-9800 or 845-246-9909

Policemen's Benevolent Association Collective Bargaining Agreement    
Press Boxes (Cantine Field)
No email address.  Please call.
Registrar of Vital Statistics (Lisa Stanley)  845-246-2800, x343
Recycling Center
Senior Citizens Center (Frank D. Greco Memorial Recreation Center)
No email address.  Please call. 
Soccer Complex 845-246-2591
No email address.  Please call. 
Summer Day Camp (Suzanne Dodig-Sussman)
Tax Collector (Julie Dunn)
845-246-2800 x338  
Town Clerk (Lisa Stanley)  845-246-2800 x343 
 Tech (Town's Information Technology)  845-416-0436
Transfer Station (former Landfill, a.k.a. The Dump)


Animal shelter number is 679-0339

Please call.

TV23 Program Coordinator (Anastasia Redman)

TV23 on Facebook
 845-246-2800 x341
Water/Sewer Department (Andy McBride)
Phone handles voice/fax.
Webmaster (Mike Campbell)
Zoning Board of Appeals (Katie Cappello, Secretary)
845-246-2800 x333


Emergency Contact Numbers


See "Documents" below for a PDF that you can print and post on your refrigerator and/or any other easily accessable area, with emergency police, fire and ambulance phone number information.


Emergencies: 911 

Saugerties Police (only for non-emergencies . . . call 911 for emergencies): 246-9800

Fire Department (only for non-emergencies . . . call 911 for emergencies):

  • Uptown Station, 43 Partition St. 246-9701
  • C. A. Lynch Fire Co., Theodore Pl.  246-2027
  • Cedar Grove, Route 32 246-4739
  • Centerville, Route 212, 246-5223
  • Glasco Fire Co., Plenty St., 246-9600
  • Malden West Camp, Malden Tpk. ,246-3287
  • Mount Marion Fire Co., Kings Highway 246-2290
  • Saxton Fire District, Route 32, 246-1121
  • West Camp Station, West Camp Road, 246-9008


For email addresses and other contact information for these and other officials, please click on "Offices/Officials (Town)" in the menu bar on the left.

Emergency Contact Info (PDF - 30.1 KB)
This would be a good item to print and post on your refrigerator.