Highway Department Winter 2017 Message to Townspeople

Highway Department Winter 2017 Message to Townspeople

Announcement from the Town of Saugerties Highway Department (Winter 2017-2018):

To all residents residing on Town roads,


As you know, the winter season will be upon us very shortly. Therefore, we would like to remind you to remove basketball hoops or any other roadside obstacles from the Town maintained right of way. The Highway Department will not be responsible for damage to anything left in the right of way. Also, please be aware that there is no parking on the streets from November 15th through April 15th to allow snow removal to proceed without obstruction. It is our job to keep the roads safe for all residents. We would appreciate your cooperation in these matters.


For more information regarding our winter plowing activities (including important information about laws pertaining to snow and ice removal) please visit the Highway Department page to view our “Wintertime Message” and “Mailbox Replacement Policy” (under "Documents").

Douglas F. Myer
Superintendent of Highways