Boards & Committees (Town)

Comprehensive Planning Committee

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To update and re-write the Town Zoning Code, if necessary, to support the Town Comprehensive Plan, which is intended to allow for future responsible growth, while maintaining a positive mix of historic village, suburban and rural settings and nurture our community's friendly and safe atmosphere.


The committee meets the 4th Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. in Town Hall.


Liaison: Leeanne Thornton.

Susan Weeks ()
Phone: 845-246-5783
Patrick Fitzsimmons ()
Phone: 845-246-4431
Robert Dederick ()
Phone: 845-246-3572
Randy Ricks ()
Phone: 845-246-4123
Samantha Dederick ()
Phone: 845-246-3572
Josepha Gutelius ()
Phone: 845-246-4058
Barry Benepe ()
Phone: 845-246-6491
Carol Ann Mayone
Steve Hubbard ()
Phone: 845-246-2022