Boards & Committees (Town)

Lighthouse TV23 Committee

Table Of Contents:

To direct activities, plan future enhancements, encourage quality programming and promote public awareness of Lighthouse TV23.


This is a joint Village/Town committee.  The Village appointees are Bob Schnell, Nigel Redman, Michael Nelson, Bart Friedman and Peter Lang.   The Town appointees are Ernie Mortuzans, Paul VanSchaack, Matt Phillips, Sue Rosenberg and Barry Kerr.  Jeannine Mayer is the Village Board liaison and Leeanne Thornton is the Town Board liaison.

Schedule: Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of every month, at 7:00 PM in the Town Hall conference room.

Paul VanSchaack ()
Chairperson and Village committee member
Bart Friedman
Village committee member
Matthew Phillips ()
Town committee member
Nigel Redman
Village committee member
Bob Schnell
Village committee member
Leeanne Thornton ()
Town Board liaison
Jeannine Mayer ()
Village Board Liaison
Jules Taylor
Town committee member
Gus Pedersen
Town committee member
John Kelley
Town committee member
Paul O'Malley
Town committee member